Hardness Testing

Hardness is a measure of resistance to indentation or abrasion. Some materials are harder than others. Difference measurements of hardness involve scratch hardness, indentation hardness and rebound hardness. We can offer you scratch and indentation hardness testing.

Scratch Hardness are done using the Erichsen scratch pencil. The hardness of a material is determined by making scratches or abrasion. The test measures how resistance a sample is to fractur or permanent plastic deformation due to friction.

Shore hardness is divided in scales A and D. Shore hardness is typically used to measure the hardness of polymers, elastomers and rubbers. Higher number on the scales indicate greater resistance and in essence harder materials. Shore A is for softer materials whilst shore D is for harder ones.

We can also offer Rockwell Hardness another method of resistance to indentation. The depth of indentation is measured under a large load compared to the indentation made by the preload.

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