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Our testing facility houses state of the art equipment for the various testing methods. Whether you know exactly what you require or not entirely our team are on hand to guide you through the various programmes to identify the most suitable method for your product. All our staff members have been trained and deemed competent to perform the required methods and interpret the results.

You can speak to one of our technologists now by contacting us telephonically or through email. Alternatively, you can complete the enquiry form should you know what you require for testing and we’ll get back to you. Click here to download the form

Follow the links below to find out more about our state-of-the-art equipment. If we cannot assist you, we may know who can!

  • Abrasion – Crockmeter/Taber/Martindale
  • Thickness – films/materials
  • Density
  • Flammability
  • Hardness – Shore/Rockwell/Pencil (scratch)
  • Drop weight impact
  • Compression, Tensile, Peel, Flexural, Puncture, Tear and Adhesion Strengths
  • Customised testing
  • Heat Aging – Various ovens up to 2000L
  • Low Temperature aging
  • Environmental/Climatic Cycling – Cyclic or Humidity & Temperature
  • Dimensional Stability – washing/aging
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Weathering – Xenon Atlas Alpha+ and QSun Xe-3
  • Colour Fastness – washing, rubbing, etc.
  • Ash/Filler Content – Furnace
  • Colour – Delta E, Greyscale, Yellowness Index
  • Tri-Gloss 20, 60 & 85degrees
  • Emissions – Odour and Fogging
  • High Pressure wash – Hot & Cold
  • Microscopy

More information on Product Testing

Abrasion Testing
Abrasion testing is used to test the abrasive resistance of materials. Various materials can be tested with these methods which include Taber Abrasion, Crockmeter and Martindale.
Aging - Whether you need Environmental aging climatic or cyclic or simply low or high temperature we can offer you the service in our range of equipment.
Density Balance Testing
Determining density using a balance is an easy and convenient process that delivered reliable results when compared to other methods where volume is determined independently of the weight.
Dimensional Stability Testing
Dimensional Stability Testing - Dimensional stability of materials refers to the change of material size when subjected to various conditions such as aging or washing. We can offer you dimensional st...
Emissions – Odour & Fogging
Emissions – Odour & Fogging - PTS not only offer mechanical testing but also involve odour, visual and haptic testing. The odour and fogging that a material release under certain specified condition...
Flammability of materials depends significantly on the formulations. We offer flammability to various standards using our flammability cabinet to mount samples horizontally or vertically depending on...
Whether you need to know the filler content of your material or simply the percentage residue on ignition we can offer the service to you using our furnaces verified using calibrated equipment.
Hardness Testing
Hardness is a measure of resistance to indentation or abrasion. Some materials are harder than others. Difference measurements of hardness involve scratch hardness, indentation hardness and rebound ...
Microdot Testing
Microdot Testing - The Microdot Association South Africa (MASA) together with the microdot suppliers in Southern Africa work together to successfully implement the requirements of Transport Department...
Microscopy - Microscopic evaluation is used to view objects and/or areas that cannot be identified with the naked eye.
Spectrophotometer - PTS can offer colour measurements (change in colour, yellowness/whiteness indices and grayscale) using the Ultrascan Pro from Hunterlab.
Product Testing services can also offer gloss measurements, high-medium or low gloss depending on what your application is.
Universal Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine - A Universal Testing Machine is fundamental in material science and engineering. This system evaluates the mechanical properties of materials and structures using tensile, ...
Xenon Weathering Testing
Xenon Testing - Weathering testing is a controlled degradation testing of materials under controlled laboratory conditions. Xenon weathering is known as artificial weathering using a Xenon Arc Lamp t...
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