Xenon Weathering Testing

Weathering testing is a controlled degradation testing of materials under controlled laboratory conditions.  Xenon weathering is known as artificial weathering using a Xenon Arc Lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight.  This method greatly accelerated the weathering process through the use of specially designed chambers.  Whilst this speed up the time needed to get results, the conditions are not always representative of real-world conditions.  

Various conditions can be met in our chambers according to a long list of standard methods.  These methods may request a black panel or some an insulated black panel.  The filter system can also be changed depending on the requirements of the specification.  Whatever the specification, ask us and we’ll give you advice if our two Xenon chambers can meet your specific requirements. 

Xenon weathering can minimize the risk of premature product failure, can provide comparison between your competition’s product or fast stability screening of new materials introduced.  Some specifications are hardware specific and others performance specific.  Whatever your requirement we may be able to assist. 

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